Arthur Kalpin, 2018 SCECA Board of Directors Candidate

What is your pertinent background, education or experience as a candidate?
I have 38 years experience in the real estate management business; managed a $100 million dollar per year portfolio that included residential complexes with 39,000 residents and 31 retail establishments; held senior level management position at the 8th largest employer in the world; was equity partner in a commercial real estate management company with $250 million in managed volume; 15 years experience trouble shooting under-performing properties; 10 years’ experience interacting at the CEO/COO/Board levels; recognized by Who’s Who in Facility Management category; current owner of 3 active companies providing asset management, property management and budgeting. 

How would you get members in the community to volunteer and get involved in committees?
By actively supporting committee initiatives when appropriate, removing existing barriers to make teleconferencing easier and ending voter apathy.  These tasks will lead to an increased interest in committee participation.  I would also seek methods to streamline committee reporting that would ease the administrative work load while providing members improved access to committee initiatives. Without committees made up of member volunteers whose initiatives are taken seriously, the Board/Management operates in a sustainability void.  To close the loop, I would also require the Board/Management to receive training in Change Management.  Committees are critical to evolution of an HOA in our dynamic environment.       

What actions would you propose to increase the property values of homes in Saw Creek?
Initiate a program to improve community curb appeal beyond just the beatification committee; ensure fair and consistent enforcement of our rules to promote an exceptional quality of life; make SCE more attractive to buyers by reining in budget and dues; continue to move forward with capital improvements offering a benefit; regain control of our amenities to make them member user-friendly once again; expand the authority of Public Safety to rid the community of crime; have the courage and fortitude to make tough decisions; treat all members with the respect they deserve even if I disagree with them.

How have you benefited the community and in what way have you been involved?
My position is how has the community management/board benefited the members?  But in response, I’ve tirelessly provided suggestions to Management/Board on how to improve the community/contain dues.  I founded and fund a large community involvement group that seeks transparency and takes positive measures to end voter apathy, our biggest problem. Through my group I’ve given a voice to those who felt repressed while giving the community reason to believe change is possible. I’ve worked hard to get out information on community operations not readily available.  I’ve made a personal mission of increasing voter turnout by 50% in 2018. First steps. 

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