In the January 2017 issue of the Saw Creek news, the general manager wrote about the Fairweather Report.  He wrote that the Fairweather Report found that Saw Creek is "...  a well-run organization as compared to its resort/residential community association peers. The study also highlighted a few areas where further progress might be achieved. Chief among them are the completion of the strategic plan; improved process and communication between the Board and committees; and enhanced delivery of services through realignment of workflows and inter-departmental coordination."  

In the July 2017 issue, he states that "...the overall conclusion in Fairweather’s final report to the board was this: “A well-run organization. Congratulations!”.  But that's all he said. How in just 6 short months, have we as a community, go from needing some changes to being just a well-run community? 

Thankfully, we are now able to see the Fairweather Report on the SawCreek web page.

Go to the Saw Creek website and sign in.  When you are signed in, look on the lower left-hand side of the homepage for the link that says Fairweather Consulting Report.  When you click on that link, it takes you to the Resource Center page; scroll down to where you can view it online or download the report:   
We are not sure why a "professional" company would do a power point for a report, but hey, at least we have a report. 

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